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Terms and Conditions

Texas Bank Financial Website Terms and Conditions

The following Terms and Conditions apply to Texas Bank Financial, Texas Bank Mortgage Co., and affiliated branch websites (,, etc.) The sites mentioned above have content and tools that classify them as informational and transactional websites. Going forward, we will refer to the Texas Bank Financial website as “Website” through the remainder of the Terms and Conditions.The website itself or these terms and conditions may be updated without prior notification to the customer or user visiting the site. It is in Texas Bank Financial’s best interest to keep the site content up-to-date and accurate. Texas Bank Financial updates and maintains its website to provide customers with information regarding the bank’s products and services. Furthermore, the site will allow customers to perform banking transactions via online banking. By accessing the site you, the user, agree and accept these Terms and Conditions. If you do not agree with the terms and conditions presented, we as an institution recommend you do not proceed to access any links, pages or content found within this website.Texas Bank Financial, Texas Bank Mortgage, and/or its affiliated branches are not responsible or held liable for information that could possibly be intercepted by a third party, occurring from visiting the site. Texas Bank Financial has taken precautionary measures to insure the safety and security of site information and content. Texas Bank Financial shall be free to use any information submitted to the site for any legal purposes, ideas, concepts, know-hows or techniques as it sees fit.

Statement of Information Collected

This statement/s should be used collaboratively or in conjunction with the website’s privacy policy with regards to the collection, method and use of information. Information may be collected through the submission of loan applications, online banking transactions or financial tools such as calculators. It should be noted that submission of an application online is not subject to automatic approval for the loan. Eligibility and approval of loan products are at the discretion of the bank’s loan officers. Texas Bank Financial, Texas Bank Mortgage, and or its affiliated branches are not responsible or liable for miscalculations or false information provided by the online financial tools. It is recommended by Texas bank Financial, as customer if you feel you have reached a calculated figure in error, contact an employee of the bank directly.The website uses information to create summary statistics regarding website visits by customers. Some areas of the bank website may use “cookies” temporarily stored in the visitor’s computer memory to allow the web server to track if the customer has visited the site before. After creating an account online, the use of “cookies” will also allow partially completed applications to be revisited by customers and continued at their saved point of progression.

Links to Third Party Sites

Texas Bank Financial and Texas Bank Mortgage websites contain external links that will direct the user to sites that are not operated, maintained or affiliated by the bank. Texas Bank Financial, Texas Bank Mortgage and affiliated branches hold no liability for these third party websites content. It is solely the responsibility of the non-affiliated website to regularly update its contents to ensure the accuracy of the opinions expressed on the site. As a user of the website should you have any questions about links to third party websites, consult with a bank employee before visiting the link. The bank does not use an intermediary “speed bump” when the user leaves the bank’s website and enters an external site. It is advised that site users proceed with caution when leaving the bank’s website.

COPPA (Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act)

Texas Bank Financial, Texas Bank Mortgage, and/or its affiliated branches do not knowingly market its products and services to children nor collect data or information. Texas Bank Financial recognizes the need to protect the identities of children under the age of 13 and has internally constructed policies and procedures to comply with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act. It should be noted that it is the responsibility of the web user and/or legal guardian to protect their child’s privacy when visiting external websites.